cip ciap pizza


Welcome to Cip Ciap Pizza! If you’re ready to try a traditional Italian pizza with good prices: Come and enjoy our tasty pizza and share them with family and friends to experience exciting flavor that’s why our pizzeria is accessible to every kind of costumers: local people, students and tourists. You have the opportunity to eat and drink spending more or less 5/10 euros.


Cip Ciap has a long history, first as laboratory of pastry and then from ’87 as a pizzeria, until today. The success of this local has been guaranteed by the owner’s passion for the cuisine and the science of gastronomy, his efforts and his direct experience in the sector.

Softness and crispness meet in our unique pizza, made with high quality raw materials and through a long and precise process.


We can offer  panned and/or on peel pizza, sold by weight and takeaway round pizza as well. Every day we have more than 10 different kind of pizza, depending on seasonal food and, of course, our inspiration.

In addition to this, every morning our chefs prepare fresh puff pastry in order to offer salt cakes and sweet cakes, pies, little pizzas but even more like arancini, dry pastry and so on.


We provide you about 3 or 4 kind of different beers, so that you can enjoy the combination of a good slice of pizza and a fresh beer, exactly like tradition wants.

When you’re hungry, Cip Ciap Pizza in Calle del Mondo Novo can provide you with the great meal you’re looking for.


You can decide to eat in our local, where we provide 5 or 6 seatings, in an intimate and familiar environment or just  go out enjoying the endless squares of Venice with its picturesque canals. Just a few steps from the most famous Venetian square: Piazza San Marco, 5 minutes from Rialto district, next to Campo Santa Maria Formosa, in other words, we are situated exactly in the heart of Venice!




Calle del Mondo Novo 5799/A, Venice, Italy



Opening times:

Closed in January
Tuesday fixed day off
9 a.m.- 9 p.m.